Body issues

So daddy informed me he’s putting money away so we can go on vacation. He asked where i wanted to go mind you he’s shooting for January which means where we live will be like 25 degrees (we live in jersey) so I chose the Bahamas, I’ve never left the state’s and he’s never been on a plane could be interesting. But any way that means I have 6 months to lose 50 pounds. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can about this? Please help me. I want to be able to walk around in public in a bathing suit and not wonder if the people are looking at me like gross put clothes on.  Serious body issues for like the last 8 years “( it literally depresses me.


Why hello there new emotion I’ve never felt before.

So, I’m currently going through something that hasn’t ever happened. I’m feeling angry, and frustrated while also feeling like a little. I have the sudden urge to throw scream, shout and hit things (basically, the equivalent to a temper tantrum. This is not cool. Ugh